Digital “Visitors” and “Residents” – A reflection

After reading Andy’s post, I made a comment which hasn’t as yet been approved. Andy referenced an article which I really enjoyed but hadn’t previously identified. I like how he encapsulated Prensky’s criticisms concisely. I feel I spent too long doing this.  I’m hoping to seek more material before completing my next post. After reading Andy’s post he seemed to categorise himself definitively as a ‘resident’. This seemed to go against my understanding of the continuum as discussed by White and so I asked Andy to elaborate his views surrounding this.

I also commented on Eloane’s post after relating to a lot of what was said. I asked her to explain some of the criticisms of Prensky’s work and her thoughts on how user engagement may look in the future but didn’t receive a reply.

With regards to my own post, I received a comment from Jordan which gave me a lot to think about. We had a discussion around my role as a lurker on the web and how this may fit in to White & Cornu’s model.

I also engaged in a discussion with Mark who asked for clarification about my engagement with the web in different contexts. This emphasised the fact that I alternate between both “resident” and “visitor” modes of engagement – something I had tried to express in my comment on Andy’s work.

Additionally, Sharon suggested using content generated by myself, this is something I will definitely look to do in future weeks through Powtoon. I struggled to convey points concisely and hope this will give me an opportunity to do so.

On the whole, a review of other material and peer discussion has really opened my eyes to the difficulty in categorising user engagement with the web.


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