Hello! I’m Callum and I’ve started this blog as part of a module at the University of Southampton (UOSM2008). Over the next few weeks I’ll be blogging on a variety of topics including open access and security.

As an introduction, I’ve ranked some of my digital literacy skills  below (1 denoting no experience, 5 denoting expert). I hope to do the same at the end of the module and observe any improvements.

Accessing, managing and evaluating online information 4/5

I’d consider myself fairly successful at accessing, managing and evaluating online information. I’ve noticed a considerable improvement since starting at university as I’m constantly using the web as a learning resource.

Participating in online communities 3/5

I’m active on many social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but I’m very much a ‘lurker’ in the sense that I don’t post content often.

Building online networks around an area of interest 2/5

I’m active on Reddit and follow various subreddits of interest but again I rarely contribute directly.

Collaborating with others on shared projects 2/5

Other than university work, I haven’t really collaborated with others on shared projects. I am social secretary for the Electronics and Computer Science football team and regularly organise events through Facebook.

Creating online materials (text, audio, images, video) 3/5

Other than a few gaming videos I created on YouTube when I was younger, my experience here is fairly limited.

Managing your online identity 3/5

I feel I manage my online identity reasonably well in the sense that I have accounts on various online platforms but as previously discussed I don’t contribute often.

Managing your online privacy and security 3/5

After taking previous university modules such as ‘Online Social Networks’, I have seen the importance of managing privacy online and this probably why I post so infrequently.  I also hold a strong interest in cyber security.

Q1 Why did you choose the module?

It was compulsory, but I think it’s a great opportunity to develop real world skills that simply cannot be taught in a classroom.

Q2 What in particular do you want to learn from the module?

I really want to learn to contribute more online and by blogging every other week I hope this pushes me to do so. In addition I also want to learn how to use Powtoon and other related online resources. I’ve found these to be very useful learning tools on YouTube but I have as yet, not learned how to use them

Q3 Which degree programme are you studying?

BSc Web Science (Computer Science)

Q4 Have you studied online before?

Yes, I have completed two MOOCs (Web Science and The Power of Social Media).


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